League of Legends team shuffle

In April Defusekids finally set the long time plan to start talks to form a League of Legends team in motion. Since our organization had no experience with League of Legends, we picked uncontracted, highly recommended players from the Benelux to form our first League of Legends line-up ever.

Defusekids had great hopes that our League of Legends team would perform as well as our CS:GO team in the last split, but as the season progressed, it became clear that were not: we lacked team chemistry, missed out on key goals and practice (individually and as a team) did not go as well as expected.

Although the ESL Proximus Championship -our main target for the season- was won the team decided long before finals to not continue with the current lineup.

Therefore we say goodbye to Furuy, Albetrayber and coach Creabae today. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

News regarding the new Defusekids League of Legends lineup will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Image (c) of ESL Benelux.