First Kayzr League title for Defusekids LoL

Today our League of Legends teams won the Kayzr League for the first time.

Kayzr & Defusekids: a great marriage

The Kayzr league is hosted for the third year already. In the former season our CS:GO team managed to win 2 out of three seasons. Our League of Legends team last year scored third/fourth place and was eager to set the record straight.

The Final

During the season our team didn't drop a single game and was therefore top-favorite to win the title. In the final - as in the BPL - we faced Sector One.

After a surprizing loss in the first game, we reset our focus and grabbed an easy second game. In game three we finally managed to take down our rivals in any Benelux final lately. Final score 2-1 and a new title for the team!

After the BPL, Kayzr was on our list as well. One objective still standing: the ESL Dutch Championship season which starts early May. #goDK