Defusekids LoL win the Benelux Premier League

Today our League of Legends teams won the most anticipated tournament this season: the Benelux Premier League.

Benelux Premier League: gate to Europe

The Benelux Premier League tournament hosted by Inside Esports is the most important League of Legends tournament in the Benelux region. Next to the prize-money the event grants the winning team a ticket to the Riot Games hosted EU Masters tournament.

The EU masters is considered the best tournament for (semi-)professional LoL teams that do not compete in the LEC (Champions League of Riot).

The Final

In the BPL Finals we faced our Belgian rival Sector One. After a long season of offline events in Den Haag our current League of Legends line-up was ready to fight one of the all-time Benelux League of Legends powerhouses.

In a tense first game we broke down their nexus. After a short second game, we took the third game in an epic thriller. Eventually we downed Sector One 3-0 in the finals. In the road to the finals we haven't dropped a single game against all the Benelux top teams, which is a feat in itself and shows our current domination of the Benelux League of Legends-scene.

The EU Masters was the main goal for Defusekids this season. Next up: the Kayzr League and ESL. Mission accomplished!