Defusekids CSGO falls short in MDL Relegations

The Defusekids CSGO squad could not make use of their unexpected chance at qualifying for the ESEA Mountain Dew League, as they lost both of their opening BO3’s.

The invite to the MDL relegations came as a surprise, as Defusekids was already eliminated from the ESEA Advanced Relegations and the Climber Cup, failing to acquire a spot trough these routes. However, a complicated movement of teams, mostly resulting from the fact that some teams had qualified through both the Advanced Playoffs and the Climber Cup, lead to Defusekids getting the last open spot.

The opening matchup would be the toughest opponent the Defusekids had faced yet, the CIS powerhouse AVANGAR. The CIS team, that competes at the top of European CS, definitely showed some weaknesses however. Some messy plays resulted in chances for our team, but the team lead by ‘’AdreN’’ proved too strong in the end, taking the series 2-0 with close maps.

The early loss kicked the Defusekids to the lower bracket, where they would face the Izako Boars. This polish team is a familiar opponent for our CSGO squad, and this was visible in the game. The close game took all three maps to reach a conclusion, even going to double overtime in the third map. However, the Izako Boars outlasted Defusekids and took the series 2-1, eliminating DK in the process.

This marks the end of our attempts to reach MDL for this season, but our CSGO squad has definitely shown that they can compete with high-calibre teams!