Defusekids CSGO and LoL win the ESL Proximus Championship

Last weekend both CS:GO and League of Legends teams attended the ESL Proximus Finals at the Spiroudome in Charleroi (BE).

Our organization had a shot at becoming the first esports team in ESL Benelux history to win both titles in the same season.

Saturday December 1st: CSGO

After facing former and current teammates Monu and Bernard in the semi-finals with their team Talentjes (2-0 DK victory), the team faced Epsilon Belgium, a roster that some people declared the team-to-beat at the beginning of the season. Stars like ScreaM, maleK en Keoz stood in our way to extend our CS:GO championship title.

After a stunning comeback on Cache, we finished the job on Inferno and beat Epsilon Belgium 2-0 and became the first ESL Proximus Championship CS:GO winners.

fashr - claeys - g1do - Infernal - v1n

Sunday December 2nd: League of Legends

After a rough first League of Legends season for Defusekids the team entered the finals as third seed. Our first match was considered tough versus Sector One and was, considered the circumstances, won 2-0.

In the finals we played Toxic Falcons a team that won surprizingly against tournament favorites Brussels Guardians. In a thrilling two-mapper Defusekids grabbed the victory to be crowned ESL Proximus Champions!

Kaas - Kadir - Scarlet - Lenny - Marthijn - Kitty

Defusekids is the first team to be crowned ESL Champions in both CS:GO and League of Legends in the same season. Mission accomplished!

Images (c) of ESL Benelux.